Customers who arrive by bike tend to stay longer, spend more, and return more frequently. New research shows this is especially true for bike share users. Here are just a few recent case studies that show how a partnership with Kansas City B-cycle can boost your business.


Minneapolis bike share users spend an extra $150,000 at nearby businesses
A University of Minnesota study found that users of NiceRide in the Twin Cities make more trips to nearby businesses than before bike share was available. Bike share users especially frequent restaurants, coffee shops, bars, nightclubs, and grocery stores. The study estimates that NiceRide users spend an extra $150,000 per year at businesses near bike share stations in the Twin Cities region. 
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Bike share stations attract people to the neighborhood
The Project for Public Spaces says that bike share stations are natural conversation starters, attract a stream of diverse users at all times of day and night, and become landmarks that concentrate activity - all things that are important for adjacent businesses.
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Bike Share benefits the local bike shop
Local bike shop owners in Washington, DC noticed an uptick in business after the Capital Bike Share system rolled out. Bike share is getting more people interested in bicycling, growing the entire market for bike shopsRead more.


Minneapolis cafe owner talks about bike share station next to her business. (via Streetfilms on Vimeo)


Bikes boost the local enconmy
Bicycling is increasingly in demand by young, mobile, "creative class" workforce that companies need to be competive in the 21s Century global economy. Businesses are considering the presence of bike share and other bike facilities when making decisions about relocation and expansion. Generation Y is waiting longer to get a drivers license or going entirely car-free, so it's critical to give them other options for getting around. Read more.

Bicycle Friendly Business Districts
Business districts across the country are reaping the benefits of reaching out to cyclists with special programming and amenties like secure bike parking, new bike lanes, and bike share stations. Read more.

Bike lanes bring business
New York City found that retail sales increased by 49% along new protected bike lanes on 9th Avenue in Manhatten.
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Pittsburgh Mayor leverages bike lanes to boost Downtown retail
New bike lanes are a centerpiece of Pittsburgh's new plan attract and retain Downtown retail businesses and customers.
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